Josephine Wall


Josephine Wall is a wonderfully imaginative and talented artist. She brings various natural ideas & scenery to life with her brilliant use of paint that depicts beautiful, fluid, light-filled imagery.

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Andreas Herrlicht - Wooden Glasses

Andreas Herrlicht began making beautiful & wearable wooden frames years ago and his wooden designs continue to attract attention worldwide. They are truly original and they also have a particular type of interesting warmth that can only come from something organic. 

"No two frames are alike, much like the rings of a tree," says Licht, who spends about 10 hours cutting, sanding and polishing the wood sections of a single set of frames. Because of the intricacy of his work, he only produces a limited number of frames each year.

Find out more about him and see him craft a pair on his website.


Kako Ueda - Cut Paper Artist

 Kako Ueda's Cut Paper Art

Kako Ueda's Cut Paper Art

Paper Art has fascinated me for quite some time. Work from artists who choose to create in this medium can vary greatly, but I happen to be particularly intrigued and impressed with Kako Ueda.

Quite simply, she brings paper to life in such an original & moving way. 

Kako's perspective on her work and that which inspires it is summarized as follows ... 
(organic beings) “are born out of nature but [are] constantly being influenced and modified by culture. And the line between culture and nature is always shifting depending on the time and where one is.”

Eros & Thanatos is featured here (above) from her 2008 Show "Drawn in the Clouds" ... you can view more of her work at