Max Alexander - Learning to Knit

Max took up knitting while he was studying sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts and he never looked back. Almost everything he does now is related to yarn in some way. From stop-motion animation to sculpture to jewelry - it's all about the knitting. When animating he loves bringing his creatures to life, he finds it incredibly satisfying to give feelings and emotion to simple pieces of knitting. The characters tend to know what they want to get up to once they get in front of his camera. They are rarely interested in following any plans he has forthem! His ‘knitimations’ won Best Animation at The National Student Film Festival in 2007 ‘08 and also the Best Music Video in 2008.

His sculptural work often features slightly disturbing undertones. By bringing a dark side to wool he’s moved into the realm of Horror Knitting. Cuddly blood and gore is rarely scary, but often disconcerting. In April 2009 he decided it was time to show his yarn love through jewelry. He made a pair of earrings featuring a tiny pair of knitting needles with a little bit of my hand dyed yarn. Then he wanted them in another colour and another and before he knew it he had a whole range of jewelry for the fashionable knitter.

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